Crossley Heath School

The Crossley Heath School is steeped in well over 400 years of tradition and has survived many different phases in its long history to become a central part of the community of Halifax and a hugely successful school.

1985 saw probably the biggest change when Crossley and Porter School amalgamated with Heath Grammar School to form the Crossley Heath School.

Heath Grammar School

The first significant date in this history of Heath Grammar School is February 15th 1585 when Queen Elizabeth signed the charter establishing “the free grammar school of Queen Elizabeth.”

Crossley and Porter Schools

The Crossley Heath school building owes its existence to the philanthropy of the Crossley brothers, Francis, John and Joseph. In 1857, they formulated a scheme for the establishment of a ‘superior College for the district’. Building work began the same year but by 1861 the brothers had decided to establish an ‘Orphan Home and School for Boys and Girls’. With the building work complete, the first six orphans, all boys, arrived in June 1864

Langtry-Langton have been retained at the schoolsince 1994 and have completed many refurbishments and new-uild projects at the school. The most interesting project was the installation of a passenger lift in a unused ventilation chimney – Giving full access to all floors.